In charge at Hazelrigg since the start of the 2014/15 season, I’m not sure what we’d do without Leachey!  He’s up at silly o’clock every morning to feed the horses. Not only is he excellent at keeping a beady eye on all the horses, but just as important he keeps the staff right!

Head Lad

Neil Leach 


Louise brings a wealth of experience to the team, having spent many years down in Newmarket with Luca Cumani & James Fanshawe. She’s an excellent work rider and a valuable member of staff. She also bred Cole who’s our star lad!

Work Rider

Louise Harris


We’ve had a slight change in routine this year, meaning Jan is on the yard for most the morning (except when riding her beloved Ruby Who!). This has allowed the yard to run brilliantly this year-she’s a lynchpin! It means we can get 5 lots out every morning. We couldn’t be without her!

Senior Yard Girl

Jan Purves


Ben is going to ride in point to points and we’ve been really impressed by his enthusiasm and the way his riding has improved over the last year. If he keeps going the way he is, he’s got every chance of becoming a jockey.

Amateur Jockey

Ben Smoult


We share Tony with the farming operation here and he is an essential member of staff. Tony looks after our gallop & pool, ferries around everything from muck to shavings to wood chips for the biomass. He is basically a godsend!


Tony Gavioli


Lou has been our secretary since day one. She takes care of all the accounts & wages amongst lots of other things, and brilliantly manages all this in just 1 day per week. Clearly a very important part of the team!


Lou Cross


A great asset to our yard, Emma is 2nd in charge and also does all our travelling. She’s supremely conscientious and dedicated to her job and the horses. She’s also an excellent work rider and rides Jonniesofa every day.

Travelling Head Girl 

Emma Dunkley 


Amy joined us after completing her course at the British racing school. She is doing really well and her riding is coming along great. Amy is from Jedburgh, a good horsey borders town.

Stable Lass

Amy Darling


Cole beavers away under Jan's guidance, he’s got an absolutely brilliant work ethic!  Cole is learning to ride and I’m sure will be riding out on the gallops in no time. But for now his work in the yard is invaluable.

Stable Lad

Cole Harris


Bill hails from a hunting and pointing background in Tipperary. He has also worked in Italy and America so brings a really useful amount of experience. He has turned pro and is very useful for his 7lb claim. A great man to have on our team.

Conditional jockey 

Bill Shanahan 


Debbie rides out every day after daughter Emily goes to school. Having worked for Tim Easterby for many years, Debbie is a really useful rider to have on our list.

Work Rider

Debbie Leach

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