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Ever Dreamed Of Owning A Racehorse? 

Owning a racehorse can be exhilarating and rewarding experience so choosing the right trainer is essential to your enjoyment of the sport. 

At Hazelrigg our horses are always the top priority and their wellbeing is at the centre of everything we do. Here you can expect the highest standards care. 

Owners’ satisfaction is also a crucial part of our ethos, as happy horses plus happy owners always equal happy trainers! 

We believe communication is the key to this, so should you send a horse to us we will be open and honest with you from day one. Mapping out key aims for each horse and discussing how to achieve them is essential. 

Owners’ views on what races to target and input is encouraged around here. 

Obviously owning a horse is about seeing them race on the track, but plenty of enjoyment also comes from visiting them and seeing them work. At Hazelrigg our door is always open, the coffee pot always full and a hearty breakfast always on offer. 

We believe we’ve built a top-class, modern training facility here and are never shy of showing it off to owners and their friends. 

No trainer can ever guarantee you success, but at Hazelrigg you can be assured the right atmosphere, work ethic and facilities are in place to give you the best chance of enjoying those great, memorable days.


We cater for all ownership types, single buyers, partnerships and syndicates. 


If you are interested in becoming involved in racing then we have the following options… 


Joint ownership and syndicates 


We always have a number of horses owned by groups of between four and six people. That helps keeps costs affordable. This has allowed our owners to buy a better standard of horse and spread the cost over the syndicate. This is ideal for friends, workmates or just to meet new people! 


Horses for lease 


Leasing is an excellent way to own a horse. Instead of having to worry about the cost of buying a thoroughbred, you can simply borrow one! For the duration of the lease, the horse runs in your colours and you bank the prize money. Leasing is a great way to become involved in a first horse.

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