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Whelan's Bridge - Kelso

Whelan's weighing in before heading to Kelso

WHELAN’S BRIDGE (3.45) is our only runner at Kelso this afternoon. He progressed last season with two very promising runs, I think he would have won his second race at Newcastle if he hadn’t fluffed the last hurdle, and it was a very nice type of Jamie Snowden’s he was up against.

So we think we have a very promising horse on our hands, his point-to-point form has worked out well too with Charlie Uberalles doing really well for Diane Sayer. It’s a nice small field, the hot favourite has had a very good summer - winning six races over the last few months and has been very well placed by Fergal O’Brien.

He won well on his last visit to Kelso so he’s a difficult rival to go up against. I think his running style will us because he’ll give us a lead and we’ll see how we go. We will come on for the run, no doubt, but he’s pretty fit at home so we’ll see how we get on.

The ground should be nice after a bit of rain recently so, fingers crossed, Whelan’s can get off to a nice start today.

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