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Weather Watch Continues

Aazza's return to action hasn't exactly gone to plan with the abandonment of Perth last month then the ground going against her last week at Hexham. She's got another entry there on Saturday so while it's heavy there just now and probably only 50-50 we'll go, there are a few clear days forecast in the run-up so we thought we'd put her in just in case it does dry up.

She was fit and ready to go weeks ago so we've been keeping her ticking over and after a few false starts hopefully we'll get her out sooner rather than later!

Aazza popping over a few fences waiting for her first run

The rest of the team are coming along nicely as they prepare to start their seasons, with plenty to look forward to in the weeks and months to come. We will have a few entries coming up in the next couple of weeks. Fete Champetre is good to go so he'll likely go to Carlisle on October 19, while Firth of Forth will have an option there and at Wetherby the same day so we'll see on decs day what the best option for him is. Slanelough will go to Yorkshire that same afternoon over two miles to start him off ahead of a target we have in mind for November.

We brought the horses in fairly early hoping to get going in October but you often find you don't get the ground you want at this time of year. In previous seasons we've not run them because it has been too quick - but it's turned on its head this time with the rain coming so soon! We're chomping at the bit to get up and running and I'm sure we'll be at full pelt soon enough.

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