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One For Wetherby

Trying to tell us what he's going to do...

LIMERICK LEADER (1.10) will be our only runner at Wetherby on Friday afternoon. It’s fair to say this horse is something of an enigma because he shows us plenty at home and we thought we had him spot on before Sedgefield a few weeks ago - only for him to be very disappointing. We can’t blame the track because he was a good second there in a novice hurdle back in February, so there was no obvious excuse really.

I was convinced he was fit enough but Craig Nichol said he felt like a horse who blew up a bit - although he didn’t take a blow after the race. He’s a real head-scratcher! He’s a lovely horse, one we really like but, in all honesty, it’s difficult to predict what he’s going to do at Wetherby.

He goes great guns in the mornings so all we can do is hope he brings that with him and he runs better so we can forget all about last time. We will ride him with a bit more patience tomorrow, hold him up a little bit and fingers-crossed, that might work the oracle.


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