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Wetherby And Sad News

Pat at Kelso last October

PATS DREAM (4.30) was a non-runner at Newcastle on Tuesday due to the ground so now heads to Wetherby tomorrow instead. 

He was beaten when he unseated Craig on his last run back in November, which disappointed us because he’d shown nice promise at Kelso and we thought he had a good chance of winning. The only excuse we could find was when we scoped him he’d swallowed a lot of kickback, so we’ll ride him a lot handier this time to avoid that becoming an issue. 

He was always going to be a chaser and there’s certainly more to come from him - his point-to-point form was well advertised at the Cheltenham festival by Fact to File and Asian Master! 

We’ve brought him along steadily over the last couple of seasons and off this mark we’d like to think he’ll there or thereabouts with a clear round of jumping, especially if the change of tactics help in that regard. The one concern would be the length of time he's had off and I'm pretty sure he will improve for the run. He’ll also wear cheekpieces for the first time just to sharpen him up a bit.

Sadly, we also have some bad news to give you as Firth of Forth picked up a fatal injury at home the other day. He was working on the gallop when he suffered a serious leg problem. 

He’d shown bits and pieces of promise in his runs but things didn’t really ever fall his way and we’ll now never get to see what he was really capable of. 

It’s really sad for his owners Mark and Caroline Hunter as well as the team here who adored him and looked after him every day. He was a bit of a character who wasn’t always the most polite in his stable but we were fond of his idiosyncrasies! 

We’ve had a fair bit of bad luck on the injury front this season and it never gets any easier when you suffer a loss like this.


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