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Kelso and Musselburgh

We head to Kelso today with FIRTH OF FORTH (3.50) who ran a blinder at Newcastle last time so you can see why he’s fancied this afternoon. We were really chuffed with his last run and it got him quite a high mark of 115, so we thought we’d stick him in a maiden. It’s a race with low numbers but decent quality so you can make a case for each of them, to be honest.

He’s come out of the Newcastle race well so the only worry is how dry it is, it’s unbelievable to think we’re racing on this ground at the start of February. It’s mad courses across the country are watering at this time of year. As you can see from the video above, it’s nice to be riding out in these unseasonally dry conditions - but it’s not ideal for racing.

So, even though Kelso have been putting the taps on, we will check the ground before deciding 100% whether he’ll run because the last thing we want to do is jar him up, but if it’s safe enough he’ll take his chance.

We had a very quiet January with few runners and no winners, so we want to get back winning as quickly as possible. Firth of Forth is owned by Kelso chairman Mark Hunter and his wife Caroline so it would be good to get firing again today for him.

On Saturday we will go to Musselburgh for their Cheltenham trials weekend with GET WITH IT (3.10). Once upon a time we thought he was going to be the one, but things haven’t gone the way we expected with him so far. We have done his wind since he last ran because last season Lorcan Murtagh told us it was like sitting on an aeroplane until he just cuts out, so fingers-crossed that will do the job.

He’s a big horse, which is not always ideal at Musselburgh, but we looked at this race and thought it suited him. He's just turned 7, so if things start to fall into place for him now then he could be a very nice horse, he’s got the ability but has it all to prove. We will learn a bit more about him this weekend hopefully.


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